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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-2-13 20:03     標題: Cheap Jerseys For Sale Region Nine to Providence

Auditor General Deodat Sharma in his 2012 annual report has noted that the Office of the President has continued to inappropriately meet expenditure for the presidential guard and Castellani House from the subsidies and contributions to Local Organizations.He said that this continued even though they were not legally separated from the Office of the President and in fact operated as departments under this Office.The Office of the President, according to the report,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, spent amounts totalling $252M and $284M under this subhead over the respective years of 2011 and 2012.According to the AG, assurances were given that efforts were being made to have the finance secretary rectify this situation. It was noted that the inclusion of the expenditure amounts to material misrepresentation of subsidies and contributions for the years.The AG office has since recommended that OP follow-up with the Ministry of Finance with a view to ensure that specific programmes are allocated to all operational units under the present programme budgeting arrangements.In the area of Technology the Office of the President in 2010,Wholesale Jerseys From China,  the sum of $846.451M was voted for the Lethem to Providence E-Government Project and the Appropriation Account for the said year, reflected that the full amount was expended in that year.The Project’s records revealed that a sum of $777.635M was deposited into an escrow account at a commercial bank, while direct disbursements to a local contractor for the execution of civil works accounted for the difference of $68.816M.In this, Government aims to deliver technology driven information through the installation of  580 kilometres (km) of high speed fibre-optic network spanning from Lethem,Cheap Nike Huarache Shoes, Region Nine to Providence, East Bank Demerara with drop off  repeater sites in Lethem, Annai, Kurupukari and Mabura and another high speed fibre-optic backhaul network connecting Moleson Creek, Region Six to Anna Regina, Region Two.The establishment of a data centre for the development of e-Government with high speed wireless access using a 4G network also forms part of the programme.Government’s E-Governance project started in late 2009 with a concept that was designed over 18,Buy Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, but actual work on the programme began in late 2011.The 4G network cloud system will serve as the premier data centre for all Government information and is expected to provide Guyanese and local businesses with faster and more efficient internet access.The cables will hook up government entities across the country,Wholesale China Jerseys, providing them internet accessibility for activities such as video conferencing and document signing via electronic signatures, hence precluding the need for hinterland or far off residents to travel long distances to access same.In relation to the sum of $777.635M,China Jerseys, amounts totalling $241.551M and $434.075M were expended in 2010 and 2011 respectively, leaving a balance of $102.009M as at 31 December 2011. Of the balance of $102.009M, amounts totalling $69.709M were expended in 2012 leaving a balance of $32.300M as at 31 December 2012.The total expenditure as at 31 December 2012 was $745.335M.

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