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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-2-13 16:01     標題: Authentic Carolina Panthers Jersey the seawall is PPP

While the drug-runners are set on permanently damaging the name and reputation of Guyana, the officials in public life are set in their ways to damage the last bit of hope that’s in the breast of us Guyanese.The Chinese workers’ fiasco will make us bleed with the vanishing hopes of our youngsters. Alexi Ramotar has joined the Chinese train by avidly criticizing Guyanese workers.It is strange that the son of the President took this stance when his father, the President,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, is actively approving and awarding contracts to local PPP-biased contractors. The contractors used in the Jagdeo fiber-optic project were all PPP-biased people. The contracts were awarded in secrecy by the same cabinet that has agreed to bring in Chinese for other projects. So is there now a difference between PPP contractors and Chinese? The Chinese are better than even your own people who you have been pampering all these years?There is more to this than meets the eye. It is not just a matter of working out a large discount with the Chinese. The Chinese Laundromat is in full swing and its bank will soon start spinning the web that the Swiss Banks were spinning during World War II.Brassington and Jagdeo et al have sold Guyana outright. A couple of years ago they started selling its assets and infrastructure. Now they are selling our sovereignty.By the time the damage is felt by all of Guyana, these people like Brassington and Jagdeo will be history. They would have saddled this nation with debt,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, indiscipline, corruption and every conceivable crooked deal in the book – or out of the book.Huge tracts of the forests have been given out, all of the infrastructural capital works are with Chinese, the minerals are given to the Russians and the rest are owned by the growing empire for which special laws had to be passed to cover illegality.From the simplest to the most complex, all projects are decided by the PPP alone. The party does not seek any technical help. There is no consultation. The PPP members have effectively muzzled and controlled the private sector and all areas of civil society. The private sector will remain the worst in the world so long as people like Gouveia and Dookhoo remain there. The business sector may never realize how these men sold them out for their personal gains.While some of these men sat on boards deciding the fate of their fellow businessmen,Air Max 97 For Sale Cheap, they themselves won contracts and were given assets to ensure that they were happy. Gouveia and Dookhoo sit on most of the Government boards that have to do with investment,Wholesale China Jerseys, security and governance. They are part of every shady decision that the Government makes and have themselves been compromised in every conceivable way.The tombstone of the private sector will be etched with the names of these men who stood with the small elite group of the PPP that is bent on their own gains by selling out Guyana.What is left for the rest of us?The public sector jobs are for PPP supporters or the old PNC people who remain stuck in a rut. The new bank is Chinese, the roads are PPP contractors, the seawall is PPP, telecommunication is Chinese,Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes, Power is Chinese, Security is Chinese,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, airport is Chinese, and Television is Chinese. ICT is Chinese – all of it GONE! SOLD!!!What’s left except the hope to take the next flight out? But then EzJet version 2 is coming and then the airline is GONE. I am not amused.

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