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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-1-12 18:30     標題: Wholesale Jerseys Guyana/Bridgetown

The government has approved the application of Surinamese Airline ‘Fly Always N. V.’ to operateSuriname’s businessman, Dilip Sardjoescheduled services in Guyana.According to a Government statement yesterday,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, this will take effect from this month and will be for an initial period of two years.The airline will operate on two routes, both twice weekly – Paramaribo, Suriname/Georgetown, Guyana/Bridgetown, Barbados and the Paramaribo, Suriname/Georgetown, Guyana/Boa Vista, Brazil using its Fokker–70 Aircraft.The airline is owned by Dilip Sardjoe, owner of Fly All Ways Airline of Suriname, a sister company of Suriname’s Blue Wing Airlines.The plan to operate in Guyana was first reported in the Curacao Chronicle articles a year ago.Blue Wing has had many accidents and has been consistently blacklisted by the EU.In July 2010, the EU banned Blue Wing from its skies.In 2014,China NFL Jerseys, Fly All Ways acquired two of KLM’s Fokker 70s to ply its planned regional routes from the Paramaribo City Airport, Zorg en Hoop. The owner of Fly All Ways promised the government of Guyana to station one of the 80-seater Fokker in Georgetown. The company will fly from Guyana to Barbados and other undisclosed destinations in the region.Government has announced approval for Suriname-based ‘Fly Always N.V.’ to start operations here from this month end.The Fokker 70s have an average age of 20 years; they were manufactured between 1993 and 1997.Dilip Sardjoe is said to be the richest man in Suriname,Wholesale Jerseys, who owns a collection of businesses in Suriname,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Trinidad and Miami.In 2008,NFL Jerseys From China, his Rudisa Beverage Company was worth about US$500 million. He also owns a cement factory and the Suriname Times.Rudisia is the maker of the popular Trill line of soft drinks being marketed in Guyana.

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