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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-5-16 20:24     標題: Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic at around 21

Twenty-year-old Rahesh Janak, called ‘Rakesh’, a cane-cutter of Zorg-en-Hoop Scheme Blairmont,NFL Jerseys China, West Bank Berbice,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, was yesterday remanded by Magistrate Roby Benn when he made an appearance at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court on a murder charge.Janak is accused of killing Brentnol Richard Isaacs called “Tonguey” a 31-year-old mason,Cheap Jerseys From China, of 118 Ithaca,NFL Jerseys China, West Bank Berbice. The crime was allegedly committed last Saturday,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, October 27, at Zorg-en-Hoop.Murder accused: Rakesh JanakAccording to reports, Isaacs and the accused had a misunderstanding at a house at Zorg-en-Hoop Scheme, at around 21:15 hrs on the day in question.  It is alleged that Isaacs was at the house with some men when an argument broke out.  A brawl ensued and the accused reportedly got annoyed and went for a cutlass and chopped Isaacs across his chest and left arm. He fell and was picked up and rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital, before being transferred to the Georgetown Hospital,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.It is alleged that Janak was furious over a relationship between Isaacs and a close female relative of his.Janak will make his next appearance on November 27.Dead: Brentnol Richard Isaacs

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