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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-5-16 19:23     標題: NFL Jerseys Outlet assault and forcible abduction of a female.In addition

Several high profile cases have been listed for the first sitting of the Demerara Criminal Assizes.Among the matters listed for the January session, which commence at the High Court on January 15, are that of Jarvis Small called ‘Barry’ and Bibi Shareema Gopaul, who has been accused of the unlawful killing of 15 year-old Queen’s College Student, Neesa Gopaul, the Carnal Knowledge matter involving, former President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), Colwyn King, and the case of popular promoter, Colin Mack,Jerseys Wholesale, who is facing charges of rape,China Jerseys Cheap, assault and forcible abduction of a female.In addition,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Michael Assanah, the driver of the minibus ‘Red Rat’,  who was involved in the horrific smash on the East Coast of Demerara, causing the death of seven persons will also be called up for trial. Those killed in the accident are Sewsankar Sewdat, Pamela Yaw, Sharon Lall, Sharon Simmons, Cheryl Primo,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Leslyn Boucher and Leyland Prince.Justices Navindra Singh,William Ramlall and Franklin Holder will be presiding over the criminal session for January 2014.Bibi Gopaul and Jarvis SmallAccording to information in the Official Gazette, an average of 233 cases is set to be heard during this session of the Assizes.At least ,54 murders, 25 manslaughter and 86 matters of sexual offences which include carnal knowledge, incest ,rape and buggery are listed to come up before a Supreme Court Judge and Jury.The trials of Parsram Lalchand called ‘Desmond’, who was accused along with six other men for the murder of Viranjan of Lusignan in 2008 and the case against Tramangra Williams called ‘Queenie’, for the murder of Barbadian Tyrone Mc Donald Best has commenced.During the last Assizes the presiding Judges were able to dispose of 17 cases out of a total of 228.Justice Singh heard six matters; five murder cases and one for manslaughter; Justice Diana Insanally completed seven cases while Justice James Bovell-Drakes disposed of four murder mattersOf the murder cases over which Justice Singh presided were Tyrone Rowe, called ‘Cobra’, who is also set to reappear at the High Court on charges of robbery underarms. He was sentenced to 78 years behind bars for the 2010 murder of Troy Collymore, Ramesh Muniram, who was found guilty by a mixed jury and sentenced to 76 years imprisonment for killing his wife, and 62 year-old Jeffrey Ward, who received 71 years imprisonment; a similar offence.In another murder case the accused Andrew Gomes, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after changing his plea to guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.Colin MackOther high profile trials that took place during the last session were that of Cyon Collier called ‘Picture Boy’ who was on three separate murder charges.  The trial concluded with a second hung jury verdict and Collier was ordered to face another retrial.Recently, Justice Singh presided over the trial of Bissoondial Mahadeo, also called ‘Weedman’, Hoosman Khan,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Bibi Shamiza Khan and Bibi Farida Khan called ‘Pum’,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who were all charged for the murder of US-based Guyanese, Motilall Singh.Mahadeo was acquitted of the murder which occurred at Windsor Forest in 2009, while the three other accused – Singh’s stepchildren- await a retrial as a consequence of a hung jury.However, Prosecutor Judith Mursalin-Gildharie, who is appearing on behalf of the State in the case, has expressed the intention to appeal Mahadeo’s acquittal.

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