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作者: yueyrt1paZ    時間: 2018-5-16 18:19     標題: Jerseys NFL Wholesale Kissoon said

“As a woman of substance,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Mrs. Harper should have resisted the boys in Freedom House putting her into that primitive role as the candidate that is seen and not heard or can only speak when she is spoken to. I call this ‘eye pass’.” – Vanessa KissoonWomen’s rights, domestic violence and improved access to education and health systems were high on the agenda when the women of the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) coalition held a “historic” women’s rally on Saturday last.Elisabeth Harper, Prime Ministerial candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) was also a hot topic for discussion. However,NFL Jerseys China, unlike in recent times,China Jerseys Authentic, Harper was not the point of ridicule but was being encouraged by the women of the opposition.During a rousing address to hundreds of women at the Merriman Mall, Former opposition Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon extended an olive branch to Harper and emphasized that the women of the coalition “got her back”.Kissoon, fully clad in yellow and green, began her speech by congratulating Harper on her appointment as PPP/C’s Prime Ministerial candidate in the upcoming general and regional elections. However, she said, Harper’s silence during her announcement and on key issues remain a concern of Guyanese women.“While I understand that the perks of the office might be good – and I’m not knocking Mrs. Harper for wanting to be prime minister because she may have something to offer – but the antics of the PPP candidate to sit silent at the announcement of her entry into politics as others speak for her, Mrs. Harper should not have allowed that to happen. I say to you, Prime Ministerial candidate Elisabeth Harper, should not have allowed no one – man or woman – to muzzle her,” Kissoon asserted.She went on that women “got mouth” and should therefore speak on issues which affect all womankind. “To have Mrs. Harper sit silent is not the way to work. I say APNU+AFC women, it’s not the way it works for us. In this modern day, that is no way to treat a lady,NFL Jerseys From China,” Kissoon said to rapturous applause.Kissoon opined that, if the PPP did not trust Harper to speak on her announcement day, she should have been prepared months in advance “so she could have been presented to the public as a strong, professional woman”.Instead,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Kissoon said, “This lady was subjected to the indignity of being seen and not heard. This is the 21st century. This is not the image we should accept of any woman, much less a professional woman who has walked with world leaders and played a leading role in the nation’s foreign policy.” She continued, “As a woman of substance, Mrs. Harper should have resisted the boys in Freedom House putting her into that primitive role as the candidate that is seen and not heard or can only speak when she is spoken to. I call this “eye pass”.”Kissoon emphasized that she had nothing against Harper and, in fact, admired her. She noted that the PPP/C Prime Ministerial Candidate had held a respectable position as a public servant for more than 30 years and had served her country well.However, Kissoon said, Harper’s performance since her entrance into the political arena has left much to be desired.According to Kissoon, women’s voices should be used to call for and bring about the change that is needed in society. She also opined that Harper, who is being touted by the PPP/C as a “women’s champion”, should have spoken out against the alleged abuse suffered by Varshnie Singh, ex-wife of former President Bharrat Jagdeo. Since her announcement as the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the incumbent PPP/C,NFL Jerseys China, Harper has been called on several times to comment on the abuse allegations.“Women are known to stand up and speak out and we don’t want to see any woman on the government’s side or the opposition’s side treated this way…If we are talking about the 21st century woman, and it is time to make it happen for us, we must condemn what this one-time most powerful man in this country did to a sister,” Kissoon cried out.She went on to deem Jagdeo a “high tech abuser” and emphasized that such abuse would not be tolerated by the women of APNU+AFC. “I know that Granger ain’t gon try that!” Kissoon yelled out before turning to Granger’s wife and adding, “Sandra, we got your back!”She went on to urge Harper to join hands in solidarity with the APNU+AFC women to “show women’s power”.“You must have an opinion on this matter Mrs. Harper, especially since you said your platform is women’s welfare and domestic abuse and you made claim to being a victim. More victims want to hear from you; they want to know they can rely on you and your platform is not another political gimmick. Speak Mrs. Harper, speak. The women of Guyana got your back. Speak.”The call from Kissoon to Harper were made mere hours before the PPP/C indicated that its Prime Ministerial Candidate would remain silent and not partake in any organized debate with the opposition.In a statement, the PPP/C indicated that it was “protecting” Harper from disrespect and further attacks by the Opposition. The statement comes weeks after the coalition indicated that a presidential debate hinged on an accompanying prime ministerial debate.

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