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Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud, says that he was not responsible for the delay in promotingCommissioner of Police Seelall Persaudseveral Cadet Officers to the rank of Assistant Superintendents.This is in response to an article carried by Kaieteur News yesterday under the caption “11 Cadet Officers to be promoted…”The police believe that the article contained misleading information, which suggested that the Commissioner of Police was responsible for the delay in promoting the Cadet Officers.One of the contentious issues referred to by the police is a statement attributed to the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Omesh Satyanad.The PSC Chairman had said,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, “As the need arises for more ASPs, the responsibility rests with the Commissioner of Police to make those recommendations. Do we recommend Inspectors to become ASPs or do we take the Cadet Officers in the system?”The Police Commissioner also has an issue with another statement in the article which stated, “It was explained that the system could only accommodate a certain number of Assistant Superintendents.“There is a preference for experienced Inspectors and Chief Inspectors to fill positions that become available from time to time.”According to the police, the Police Force’s Standing Orders regarding the promotion of Cadet Officers, indicate a probationary period of two years for Cadet Officers,Wholesale Jerseys, with either the full two years as a Cadet Officer or one year as a Cadet Officer and one year as an Assistant Superintendent on probation.Thereafter,Wholesale China Jerseys, if certain requirements are met,Cheap China Jerseys, the Officer is promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent and if they are not met then other options are described.The police explained that it is true that the first batch of Cadet Officers, in keeping with the Presidential initiative of appointing 50,cheap jerseys, completed the Standard Officer’s Course in the Guyana Defence Force in 2009. They remained as Cadet Officers unto 2014.However, the force suggested that previous Commissioners of Police who served during that period prior to 2014 had not made provisions for the Cadets to be promoted.“It was the current Commissioner of Police (Seelall Persaud) who pursued this matter with the Government when it was decided to create appointments for the Cadet Officers without impacting on the establishment set for Assistant Superintendents in the Police Force.“It therefore follows that the promotion of the Cadet Officers could not have prevented the promotion of the Chief Inspectors and Inspectors to the rank of Assistant Superintendent,” the police statement said.The force referred to Cabinet decision dated May 12, 2014, which indicated the Government’s “No Objection” for the promotion of 24 Cadet Officers who were named in the document to be promoted to Assistant Superintendent and they have since been promoted.The police also referred to Cabinet paper dated March 11,cheap jerseys from china, 2015, which also reflected the Government’s “No Objection” for the promotion of another 11 Cadet Officers, who were named in the document, to the rank of Assistant Superintendent.The police said that to date these Cadet Officers were not promoted. Of the remaining Cadet Officers two would have resigned from the Force. Some have matters before the Police Service Commission and the others have not met the requirements of the Police Force’s Standing Orders.“It is therefore misleading to state that the promotion of these Cadet Officers had anything to do with the Commissioner of Police’s recommendations or with the Force’s preferences.“It may have had something to do with the sluggishness of the system,” the police statement said.

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