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The police are searching for a mother of five who allegedly burned down a neighbour’s home on Saturday night,Cheap Jerseys, at Swan Turn Soesdkye/ Linden Highway.The property was owned by Linieka Roopnaraine and her mother,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Tarawattie Beharry. The family is presently constructing a new home a short distance from the burnt building and would use the house to store materials and household items.The ruined houseThe distraught mother and daughter said that they never thought that something so devastating would have happened,holesale NFL Jerseys, even though the woman was warned by the courts recently.Roopnaraine alleged that on Wednesday last,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the neighbour issued threats to torch their property.“She told us that she would burn the house down and poison our drinking water,Wholesale Jerseys China,” the woman said.Roopnarine said that the neighbour’s continuous threats caused her to make a report at the Kuru Kuru Police Station.The neighbour allegedly appeared in the Providence Magistrates Court on Friday to answer to charges of threatening language.She was reportedly released on bail.Roopnaraine said she went to a relative’s home when she received the news about the fire.The police were summoned but by then the neighbour had already fled.Roopnaraine said that persons in the area told them the woman sold a number of household items before going into hiding.“She sell a number of things and got the money and then she disappeared”,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Roopnaraine said.The family estimates their losses at $2M.

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