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Despite the Caribbean and the rest of the world seeking ways to improve food security, it would appear that in Guyana, once there is mining, farming may be secondary. At least that is the notion of Goldie Sidhu,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, a Guyana-based foreigner who has been living here for the past 16 years and farming for the last seven.Ms Goldie Sidhu picks from the smaller plants of her farm.She is fighting for an existence that most persons would reject in an instant; spending everyday tending to plants, and engaging in backbreaking labour. Less appealing, is that 68-year-old Goldie D. Sidhu known as “Goldie” is farming in a location miles away from any major settlement, and where her next door neighbour may very well be an Anaconda or Jaguar.Sidhu is passionate about what she does and would not think about giving up her 15-acre farm on which she has commenced a lifestyle which she said, seems to make perfect, everyday that comes.She however has a problem,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, which one on the outside looking in, could easily describe as “corporate bullyism.” According to her, a major mining company wants the land she is occupying and is forcing her off her piece of paradise,China Jerseys Cheap, “all in the name of mining”.This, she said, is despite being given permission and being presented with a letter of residency by the Chief of the Amerindian Reserve on which the land is located.Now while Sidhu says she has no problem with moving, she is asking whether the acres of food that were planted are not valuable enough to be saved. “Millions worth in food is at stake and no one seems to care.”Seven years ago, the woman said that she was given permission to settle at Kurubuka Creek, located between Kwakwani and Arima. She said after visiting Guyana 16 years ago on business, “I absolutely fell in love with the country and the people.” Ever since, she said,Cheap Jerseys From China, she got involved in the logging business but is now deeply engaged in farming and has hired other persons to assist with the work.Sidhu said that it is a pleasure to plant a seed and then watch it grow and tend to it as if it were a child. What is even better, she said excitingly, is being able to eat that which you have grown. “But it seems like none of this means anything to some. They are going to destroy all this food and deform the land. I mean, they prefer to destroy all of this just for a few dollars?” Sidhu quarreled.Apart from this Sidhu said,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “I have no problem with leaving, but it was agreed upon that I would be assisted in moving.”  The company promised me to clear a new spot for me so that I can continue my farming and they promised monetary assistance, but has so far only given $300,000 which she said is nothing compared to the food that was planted.The woman said that energy has been placed on the farm and there are workers to be paid. She said she can’t afford to abandon what they have done without any compensation. But apart from the reimbursements, Sidhu is most disappointed at the loss of the crops. She feels that more should be done to protect forest, natural vegetation and landscape since she sees the preference of mining over farming as a downfall.Cassava flourishing in one section of Sidhu’s farmWhen Kaieteur News made contact with the relevant authorities, the Natural Resource Ministry said that Sidhu, a national of Nepal, is occupying land for which Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI) (RUSAL) is paying a monthly lease. The company has donated $300,000 and tarpaulin to Sidhu and has offered to clear another 15 acres of land to which they will transport her cash crops and her personal belongings.With documentation from BCGI, the Ministry revealed that Sidhu had been occupying land that was originally slated for mining. The management said that Sidhu had been advised that farming would be unwise in such a location since the unoccupied land could be used at any time by the mining company.With clear indications, the Ministry said that the aim is not to destroy the crops but agreements and the necessary authorization have been granted to the mining company. The elders of the Amerindian Reserve are also aware of the arrangements and are in agreement with the mining works.Minister of Agriculture Dr Leslie Ramsammy said that although he is not aware of the situation, he could try to assist, especially if Sidhu could make contact with his Ministry. He said he was willing to investigate the matter and grant the relevant assistance.He however mentioned that if is a situation of illegality,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, there may not be much one could do.  “We could ask or even beg them to wait a bit to relocate the food but there is nothing much that could be done.”

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