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Banks DIH Berbice, surpassed sales by $54M, an increase for 2.4 per cent, and growing fromHeadteacher and a student of Vryman’s High School with Mr. Reis after the cheque donation1,591,000 units to 1,601,000 units. This was revealed on Sunday by Banks DIH Berbice Operations Manager, Reginald Matthews at the company’s 59th Shareholders Meeting on the Banks DIH New Amsterdam Tarmac, Peter D’Aguiar Street.Matthews lauded the company for making the dream of a brand new Citizen’s Bank a reality. That banking facility was opened a few weeks ago in New Amsterdam.“It’s up to you now fellow shareholders, customers and invitees to make the continued success of Citizen’s Bank a reality,” he said. Matthews called on the shareholders to stay loyal by utilizing the wide array of products being produced by Banks DIH, thus, contributing to the expansion of the company, and creating employment for fellow Guyanese.“Let us be patriotic and increase the wealth of our company, and our nation as a whole!”Additionally, the Berbice Operations Manager revealed further good news that the New Amsterdam ‘Qik Serv’ Restaurant recorded an increase of seven per cent of sales, totaling some $98M, above last year’s $91M.Chairman of Banks DIH,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Mr. Clifford Reis, credited the company’s success during the past fiscal year to “prudent decision-making and the implementation of cost saving measures,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and strict financial controls.”“Banks DIH Limited was not exempt from that reality and the effects of the global recession resultingSenior officers within Banks DIH at the meetingin the financial tsunami which in turn resulted in the virtual collapse of the global financial markets,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” he said.“The recently concluded financial year was challenging for our Nation in many respects, “and Banks DIH Limited was not exempt from that reality. The Group’s third party revenues were $26.5 billion, an increase of $47.5 million over that achieved in the previous year.”Additionally, the Group achieved an operational profit before tax of $4.971 billion, while profit after tax attributable to shareholders was $2.660 billion, Reis noted.He said that the number of units sold was 15,500,991 compared to 15,556,259 units sold in the financial year, a reduction of 55,268 units or 0.4%.GT Beer, he noted, has met all the expectations of the company. It was budgeted to do 330,500 cases but actually sold 461,688 cases, an increase over the budget by 131,188 cases or 40 per cent.Demico House sales were $2.114 billion compared to $2.162 billion in 2013. Demico House has endured the vendors and other threats to the business outside the Stabroek area.Major refurbishing works started last year to enhance the overall customer experience.Works are being done at the Restaurants, Hotel and Laundry sections. The Main Street Qik Serv, in particular, has had a transformation into a more contemporary, American Styled Ice Cream experience, and will offer items on the menu such as the very popular “Big Train” Iced Coffee, Milk Shakes, Love Boat and Banana Split Ice Cream products.The Chairman noted, too, that during the financial year, the company was able to complete the Brewery and Cellars modernisation programme and the commissioning of the palletiser/de-palletiser as well as a new pasteuriser for the Beer Plant.Other projects that were started in the previous financial year and are now completed include the commissioning of a new 1.7MW Hyundai electrical power generating set,Cheap Jerseys Store, an 800 HP Cleaver Brooks boiler, a Co2 Recovery and Storage systems and High Pressure Air Compressor,Cheap Jerseys From China, he stated.“Our restaurant production capacity was enhanced through the acquisition of additional restaurant equipment, and our distribution and warehousing capacity were improved with the purchase of additional trucks and forklifts,” Reis added.In the new financial year,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, Reis said that major capital expenditure will focus on the acquisition and installation of a new Trisco biscuit oven, an on-line blow moulder for the Water Plant, the construction of a new Vehicle Workshop, the completion of Crème Select Ice Cream Outlet and further replacement of trucks and forklifts.Vryman’s Erven High School and Edinburgh Primary received monetary donations from the company, as is usual during such meetings.At the end of the formal ceremony, shareholders were afforded the opportunity to chat with and interact with the Banks DIH officials, after which shareholders uplifted their gifts and snacks. The company’s products were also displayed throughout the ceremony.

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